This fall we are recruiting both graduate students and undergraduate students to join the lab! See below for details about each opportunity.

Graduate Students

I will be recruiting at least one graduate student this admissions cycle (to start Fall 2023)! I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to mentor graduate students as they train in social psychology, and I enthusiastically welcome applications from all prospective students, especially those from historically excluded or marginalized social groups and backgrounds. You can learn more about our PhD program on the social psychology program’s website. Applications are due Dec. 1st. (No GRE required!)

Undergraduate Students

I am recruiting undergraduate students to work in the lab through the PSY 390 credit program. This is a great opportunity to learn about the scientific process and get some research experience while also earning course credit! To apply, please email me (Nate) and request an application. Applications are due October 21st.

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