Public Scholarship

Public scholarship and translational writing

Cheek, N. N., Reutskaja, E., Schwartz, B., & Iyengar, S. (2022). Is having too many choices (versus too few) really the greatest problem for consumers? Behavioral Scientist. | Link

Reutskaja, E., Cheek, N. N., Iyengar, S., & Schwartz, B. (2022). Do global consumers have too many choices or not enough? Forbes. | Link

Cheek, N. N., & Blue, C. (2022). Freedom versus security: Can we find the right balance? APS Under the Cortex Podcast. | Link

Bandt-Law, B., Cheek, N. N., Goh, J. X., Kaiser, C. R., & Sinclair, S. (2021). Why we neglect some sexual harassment victims more than others. SPSP Character & Context Blog. | Link

Selected media coverage of lab research

Why some sexual harassment claims are considered more credible than others. Forbes. | Link

Is denim an identity crisis? The New York Times. | Link

Princeton researchers just exposed the most pervasive and harmful myth about poverty. Fast Company. | Link

The hidden danger (and promise) in Biden’s new climate justice screening tool. The Hill. | Link

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